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"No panic": "War correspondent" reports that Ukrainian military stormed a terricon near Horlivka in the Donetsk oblast (VIDEO)

11/17/2023 04:37:21 pm
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A video, confirming the presence of Ukrainian defenders on one of the terricons on the outskirts of the occupied Horlivka, was published online.

The self-proclaimed russian "war correspondent" Sladkov had previously reported heavy fighting near Horlivka.

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"On the outskirts (I know where), there is a two-humped terricon that resembles a camel. The enemy managed to storm one of its hills, furthest from Horlivka. The front line now runs in the hollow between the terricon hills", - the propagandist wrote.

According to his information, russian forces are storming the second summit, trying to regain the lost positions. "The commander in that direction is experienced and competent. The leadership is aware of the situation, there is no panic. Work is underway", - added the "war correspondent".