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Zelensky: russia is preparing a disinformation plan to fuel divisions in Ukrainian society, labeling it Maidan-3

11/17/2023 02:14:48 pm
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Russia aims to sow discord within Ukrainian society, creating "chaos" within the country and ultimately removing the president. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky made this statement, as reported by RBC-Ukraine citing Bloomberg.

"Our intelligence has information, which also came from our partners", - said Zelensky, describing the disinformation plan known as Maidan-3.

"Maidan is coup for them, so the operation is understandable", - he said.

Recently, media reported that russian special services began a large-scale information attack called Maidan-3 on November 1. The goal of this attack is to destabilize Ukraine.

According to media reports, the russian special services plan to carry out a new information attack on Ukraine in November-December 2023.

The curator of the operation, according to the publication, is Sergey Kiriyenko, the first deputy head of the russian presidential administration, and the ideologist is Vladislav Surkov, one of the authors of the "Novorossiya" project.