March, 3

Russia's chief sociologist claims that most russians still don't know that russia attacked Ukraine

10/03/2023 05:48:11 pm
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The head of the All-russian Center for Public Opinion Research, Valery Fedorov, has claimed in an interview with a russian publication that the majority of russians are still not interested in who initiated the armed aggression against Ukraine.

"Today, public opinion is not very interested in the question of who started and why it happened. The majority are convinced that it was not us who started it, and that we are more on the defensive against the collective West than on the offensive", - he said.

However, the sociologist acknowledges that a significant portion of respondents do not honestly answer questions about their support for the war against Ukraine.

As previously reported, on February 24, 2022, russian dictator Putin announced the start of the so-called "special military operation", which is essentially a full-scale aggression against a sovereign state.