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NATO will increase the production of ammunition for Ukraine

09/28/2023 11:27:23 am
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NATO will increase the production of ammunition for Ukraine and for NATO member countries that have transferred a significant portion of their stockpiles. This information was reported by Voice of America, citing the US Ambassador to NATO, Julianne Smith, on September 27.

"In NATO, we have initiated what we call a Defense Production Action Plan, focusing on the shortage of ammunition for both Ukrainians and some NATO members who have provided assistance to Ukraine, leading to their own shortages", - noted Smith.

She added that every NATO ally supports Ukraine in one way or another, providing humanitarian, economic assistance, or security assistance. However, the prolonged combat operations have revealed shortages of certain weapons and ammunition.

Furthermore, Julianne Smith emphasized that none of the allies have proposed reducing assistance to Ukraine.

As previously reported, the Bulgarian parliament approved the transfer of faulty S-300 missiles to Ukraine.