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Poland is preparing to reduce financial support for Ukrainian refugees

09/20/2023 11:07:33 am
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Poland is likely to reduce financial support for the one million Ukrainian refugees it is hosting in the country. This was stated by the State Secretary of the Prime Minister's Chancellery of Poland, Piotr Mueller, as reported by RBC-Ukraine with reference to Bloomberg.

The publication notes that this could further strain relations with its neighbor, which have been exacerbated due to the conflict over grain imports.

"While the government in Warsaw has been one of Ukraine's staunchest supporters, helping it defend against russia's invasion, offering financial and military aid, relations between the two countries are deteriorating ahead of Poland's October elections", - the article states.

According to Mueller, support for refugees, including waiving residency requirements, granting work permits, free access to schools, healthcare, and family assistance, will not be extended next year.

"The benefits for Ukrainians are 'not permanent.' The provisions of the law are temporary, and there is currently no decision to extend them", - Mueller said.

Deputy Minister of Family and Social Policy, Anna Schmidt, stated that the country has spent approximately $550 million on assistance for Ukrainian families who fled to Poland.

In April, Poland imposed a ban on the import of Ukrainian grain and other agricultural products, which was followed by other Eastern European countries. The European Commission supported them and allowed Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria, and Romania to prohibit the import of wheat, maize, rapeseed, and sunflower seeds from Ukraine.

However, the European Commission decided to lift this ban on September 15. On the same day, Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary announced that they would maintain their own restrictions on the import of Ukrainian grain, despite the European Commission's decision.

On September 19, Ukraine filed lawsuits against Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary with the World Trade Organization over the grain import ban.

It has now been reported that the Ukrainian government may impose an embargo on onions, tomatoes, cabbage, and apples from Poland in the coming days.