July, 21

A new wave of forced mobilization has begun in the occupied Luhansk oblast

09/19/2023 01:34:18 pm
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Russian invaders, in order to replenish their losses on the front lines, have initiated compulsory conscription of men in the occupied territory of the Luhansk oblast. This was reported on September 19 by the head of the Oblast Military Administration, Artem Lysohor.

"An unannounced wave of forced mobilization has started in the occupied territories. Polovynkine (the Starobilsk district), is not the first populated area where mobile military conscription brigades are operating", - he noted.

According to Lysohor, the russians have updated information about the men residing there, so they know where to look.

He added that the enemy has accumulated significant reserves in Luhansk, and tension is maintained along the entire front line.

"The invaders are actively using artillery and aviation. They carefully select the area to strike and attempt to conduct precise shelling to force our defenders to withdraw. However, the Defense Forces continue to hold their positions", - Lysohor said.

In the past day, the occupiers conducted aviation strikes near Bilohorivka, while the village itself and Nevske were subjected to mortar and artillery shelling.

As reported, in Starobilsk district, the occupiers are distributing conscription notices even to those who do not have russian passports.