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Less than little: Pasechnik has set the minimum subsistence level for 2024 in the "LNR"

09/18/2023 05:21:18 pm
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The leader of the "LNR", Leonid Pasechnik, has set the subsistence minimum for 2024 in the so-called "republic" at 14,526 rubles. This is reported in his "decree" by the occupation media on September 18.

"To establish for 2024 the amount of the subsistence minimum in the Luhansk People's Republic: per capita - 14,526 rubles; for the main socio-demographic groups: able-bodied population - 15,833 rubles; pensioners - 12,492 rubles; children - 14,090 rubles", - the "document" states, which comes into effect on January 1, 2024.

"This is less than little", - comments OstroV’s source, a resident of the part of the region that has been occupied since 2014. "To roughly understand how much this is in hryvnias, you need to divide the amount by about 4. That is, it's less than 4,000 hryvnias".

For comparison, the source cites an example: a doctor's salary in the region exceeds 60,000 rubles, and that's not much considering the prices in the "LNR". However, only a few receive such a salary in the occupied territory.

It is noted that with the specified amount, it is impossible to survive in the "LNR" not only for a month but even for two weeks, as basic food products here are on average twice as expensive as on the free territory of Ukraine.

At the same time, the occupiers artificially devalue the exchange rate of the hryvnia, allowing it to be exchanged at a "one-to-one" rate.

According to the source, there are still people in the occupied part of the region who receive their income in hryvnias - in addition to Ukrainian pensioners, these are also those who continue to work remotely for Ukrainian enterprises and institutions.

Earlier, it was reported that Starobilsk had become a city of "banking pilgrimage" for residents of other occupied towns in the Luhansk oblast.