July, 21

Another Ukrainian defender from the Azov battalion has been sentenced to 26 years in the so-called "DNR"

09/15/2023 04:35:42 pm
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In the quasi-entity known as the "DNR", the so-called "Supreme Court" has sentenced Ukrainian soldier Ruslan Kolodiazhny from the Azov battalion to 26 years in prison. This was reported by the propaganda media of the "republic" on September 15.

Kolodiazhny, a Ukrainian defender, was accused of allegedly shooting two men while being stationed in Mariupol in the spring of 2022. The occupiers have sentenced him to 26 years of imprisonment in a high-security prison.

It was also previously reported that the so-called "Supreme Court of the DNR" sentenced Ukrainian soldier Serhiy Makiiv to up to 29 years in a high-security prison.