May, 23

DonMak is going to be opened instead of McDonalds in occupied Donetsk

06/01/2016 06:15:14 pm
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Fast food called DonMak designed to replace McDonalds is going to be opened in occupied Donetsk near the Yuzhnyi bus station.

"Now they are hanging a new sign in the former premises of McDonalds in Yuzhnyi. It will be called DonMak," - told a resident of Donetsk.

In April something like renovation started in the building and McDonalds signs disappeared. Supporters of the "DPR" in social networks reported that residents of Donetsk would again be able to buy a "double cheeseburger" soon.

In the end of April lawyers of the McDonalds network of fast food restaurants started an investigation on new clone-restaurant in occupied Luhansk that is similar in terms of design and menu to restaurants of the American network. It was noted that the self-proclaimed city "authorities" illegally seized the restaurant premises.

McDonalds fast food restaurants closed in Donetsk almost after the outbreak of hostilities.

The first McDonalds in Donetsk was built near Yuzhnyi bus station. YUG FIRMA company with the Ukrainian subsidiary of the McDonalds Ukraine international network of fast food restaurants opened 3 restaurants in Donetsk on the basis of the franchise contract.