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Putin acknowledged that the DPR/LPR agreed their demands with Russia - Kremlin's report

05/24/2016 06:17:31 pm
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Militants of the self-proclaimed "Donetsk People's Republic" fully agree their position on settlement of the conflict in Donbas with Russia. It is understood from the report ofthe press service of Vladimir Putinon the results of the telephone conversation in the "Normandy format".

"It is noted that the partners in" Norman format" were given (by Russia - OstroV) a package of proposals for local elections, special status, amnesty and decentralization agreed with the DPR and LPR which should be carefully considered in the Contact Group," - reported the Kremlin website.

As previously reported, the Minsk Agreement do not provide that the unrecognized "republics" of occupied Donbass should agree their position with Russia. Putin said repeatedly that Russia was not a party to the conflict.

Meanwhile, the press service of the Russian head of the state suggests that Russia fully supports the militants in the "Normandy format" and accuses Ukraine of escalating the conflict.

Thus, the website of the Ukrainian President noted that Petro Poroshenko drew attention during a telephone conversation in the "Normandy format" to the deteriorating of the situation, especially shelling in Avdeyevka district where Ukrainian soldiers died every day. Vladimir Putin, according to the Kremlin report, didn’t say anything about the regular attacks by pro-Russian fighters. Moreover, he called for "an immediate ceasefire on the part of the Ukrainian armed forces."

The head of the Russian Federation didn’t react to Poroshenko’s statement that Russia had to withdraw its troops from the occupied part of Ukraine and stop supplying weapons and mercenaries. Putin's press-service didn’t mention that topic at all.