September, 26

Occupiers complain that HIMARS shelled the facility on the territory of Pervomaiskvuhillia

06/08/2023 04:01:02 pm
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In the occupied territory of the Luhansk oblast, the building of the Pervomaiskvuhillia enterprise in Horske was shelled during the night of June 8. This was reported by the occupation "mayor" of Pervomaisk, Sergey Kolyagin, in his Telegram channel.

"Two missiles, presumably from the American HIMARS multiple rocket launcher system, damaged the production premises of one of the non-functioning structural units of the former State Enterprise Pervomaiskvuhillia located in Horske", - he wrote.

He clarified that "...there are no dead or injured among the civilian population".

There is no information about casualties among the occupiers. According to local residents, the facility was used by russian military for their purposes.

In addition, the occupation media reported shelling in two villages in the Luhansk oblast on June 7 - Pokrovske and Popovka of Svatove district. Damage to a disused school building and a transformer is reported.

Earlier, it was reported that a military base of the russian federation was shelled in occupied Luhansk.