September, 26

The Third Assault Brigade pushed the enemy back 1.2 km within the last 24 hours

06/08/2023 03:28:49 pm
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Our troops engaged in battles near Bakhmut have pushed the enemy back 1.2 km into the depth of the front within the last 24 hours. This information was reported by the Third Separate Assault Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Telegram.

"We are liberating our lands and clearing the flanks around Bakhmut! Over the past 24 hours, the Third Assault Brigade has pushed the enemy back along the front line by 1.8 km and 1.2 km into the depth of the front. As a result of the offensive actions of the 2nd Assault Battalion, significant losses were inflicted on units of the 57th russian Brigade and the Storm Z prison squad: approximately 30 dead and 40 injured russians", - the message states.

It is also mentioned that storage facilities with russian ammunition, as well as enemy equipment, including combat armored vehicles, tanks, and artillery, have been eliminated.

"Yes, the enemy forces have been almost entirely pushed beyond the canal where the occupiers' positions were recently located. We are advancing further!", - emphasize the soldiers.