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NATO troops will not enter the territory of Ukraine until the end of the war – Kuleba

06/08/2023 02:47:28 pm
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NATO forces will not enter the territory of Ukraine until the war is over. This statement was made by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dmytro Kuleba, during a broadcast on "1+1" on June 8th.

"Foreign countries will not deploy their troops on the territory of our country until the armed conflict on Ukrainian soil is concluded. Moreover, we are not requesting it", - he stated.

Kuleba's statement was in response to former NATO Secretary General Anders Rasmussen's remarks, who claimed that certain Alliance countries would take individual measures if Ukraine is not provided with clear prospects for integration into the organization.

The minister also emphasized that once Ukraine becomes a member of the Alliance, Ukrainian brigades will be stationed in other NATO countries for defense purposes.

Earlier it was reported that nine NATO countries are urging to elevate their relationship with Ukraine "to a new level and initiate a new political mechanism".