June, 14

Kakhovka HPP is completely destroyed and cannot be restored – Ukrhydroenergo

06/06/2023 11:07:49 am
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The Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant, located in the Kherson oblast, is completely destroyed and cannot be restored following the detonation by russian occupiers on the night of June 6. This information has been reported by the press service of Ukrhydroenergo.

According to preliminary forecasts, the reservoir is expected to be triggered within the next four days.

"As of 09:00 a.m. on June 6, the water level in the Kakhovka reservoir is rapidly decreasing, and the evacuation of the population from potential flood areas has begun", - the message states.

The company noted that the uncontrolled decline in the level of the reservoir is an additional threat to the temporarily occupied Zaporizhia NPP. Water from the Kakhovka reservoir is necessary for turbine condensers and ZNPP safety systems.

Now the station cooling pond is full. The Ukrainian staff of ZNPP monitors all indicators.

As reported earlier, the evacuation of the population from dangerous areas in the Kherson oblast has begun due to the risk of flooding caused by the blowing up of the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant.