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Putin's russia has set a criminal record for the destruction of healthcare facilities in Ukraine - WHO

06/02/2023 09:50:03 am
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After the start of the "special military operation", putin's russia has carried out over a thousand attacks on medical institutions in Ukraine. This is stated in a press release by the World Health Organization.

In a total of 15 months of war, the WHO has registered 1004 cases of attacks on hospitals, clinics, and maternity homes. At least 101 people, including healthcare workers and patients, have been killed, and many others have been injured. Buildings, medical equipment, and ambulances have been damaged.

"Attacks on healthcare facilities constitute a violation of international humanitarian law. They deprive people of the assistance they need and have far-reaching long-term consequences", - said Jarno Habicht, WHO representative in Ukraine.

According to the WHO, the destruction of Ukrainian healthcare facilities by the russian Armed Forces is the most extensive ever recorded in any humanitarian emergency situation.