December, 3

They want to erect a monument to the Wagner PMC in Bakhmut, the city that they have destroyed

05/30/2023 12:27:03 pm
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There are plans to erect a monument to the Wagner Private Military Company on the ruins of Bakhmut, whose mercenaries were responsible for the destruction of the city. This statement was made by the Acting Minister of Culture of the "DNR", Mikhail Zheltyakov.

He stated that "we must announce a competition in the republic for the best design of a monument to the fighters of the Wagner PMC. And this monument should be installed in the center of Artemivsk".

He indirectly stated that Prigozhin's mercenaries "dug out" the enemy from every inch of land in the city. Wagnerites themselves did not hide the fact that in order to "dig out" the enemy, they had to completely destroy residential neighborhoods in Bakhmut.