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The Verkhovna Rada renamed Dnepropetrovsk and Dneprodzerzhinsk

05/19/2016 07:39:11 pm
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The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine renamed Dnepropetrovsk to Dnepr and Dneprodzerzhinsk to Kamenskoye. It is reported by UNIAN.

247 deputies out of 344 registered in the session hall voted for the resolution (№3864) to rename Dnepropetrovsk to Dnepr. The resolution comes to force as of the date of its adoption.

As the explanatory note says, Dnepropetrovsk got its current name in 1926 after the name of the river and after party, Bolshevik and Soviet leader, head of the revolutionary movement and chairman of the CEC of the USSR – G. Petrovsky (1958-1978) who later became one of the initiators of the Holodomor (Genocide) of 1932-33.

"The name has symbols of the communist regime and, by law, must be changed,"- said in a memorandum.

249 MPs voted for the resolution to rename tseparate settlements and districts (№4085), including renaming Dneprodzerzhinsk to Kamenskoye.

According to one of the authors of the draft resolution, MP from the Narodnyi Front Nikolay Fedoruk, the resolution provides to rename 9 districts, 6 towns and 284 villages.

So, apart from Dneprodzerzhinsk, Artemovo of Dzerzhinsky City Council is renamed to Zaliznoye (Donetsk region); Ulyanovka of Ulyanovka district to Blagoveshchensk (Kirovograd region); Komsomolsk to Gorishni Plavni (Poltava region); Kuznetsovsk to Varash (Rivne region); Tsyurupinsk of Tsyurupinsk district to Oleshki (Kherson region).

In Dnepropetrovsk region Dnipropetrovsk district is renamed to Dnepr district; in Donetsk region Krasnyi Liman district to ​​Liman district; Pershotravneve district to Mangush district; in Zhytomyr region Chervonoarmeysk district to Pulinsk district; in Kirovograd region Ulyanovsk district to Blagoveshchensk district; in Nikolayev region Zhovtnevy district to Vitovsky district.