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Three people died in a bootleg mine in occupied Snizhne. In Shakhtarsky district, two alive people are being searched for under the rubble

05/15/2023 03:20:10 pm
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The self-proclaimed "DNR" reported two tragic incidents that occurred in bootleg mines in Snizhne and Shakhtarsky district. Information about this is available in the "Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Donetsk People's Republic" report for May 15.

"On May 14, 2023, three people died in an unsanctioned mining excavation in Snizhne", - the message says, specifying that the victims were men born in 1983, 2004 and 1992.

It is also noted that the arriving "mountain rescuers" conducted an inspection of the mine atmosphere and took air samples. According to the results of the sampling, no excess of permissible concentrations of chemicals was found.

"At the time of the arrival of the mountain rescuers, the victims were on the surface. The cause of death is being established", - the "Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Donetsk People's Republic" reported.

In addition, there is another case, apparently in a "legal" bootleg mine in the Shakhtarsky district, where a rescue operation has been carried out for the third day to clear rubble in a mine where two people are located.

"On Saturday, two men born in 1987 and 1986 were trapped under the rubble as a result of ground collapse in a mine in the Shakhtarsky district", - the "rescuers" wrote, who managed to remove 11 meters of rock yesterday.

"Emergency rescue work is ongoing, and at the moment, it has been possible to establish through the selector connection that the men are alive, and their condition is assessed as satisfactory", - the message says.