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Destroyed and burned buildings – what Azovstal looks like a year after the occupation (VIDEO)

05/11/2023 10:05:00 pm
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A year after the occupation of Mariupol, the russians continue to "dismantle" the ruins at Azovstal. Footage of the destroyed plant was published on May 11 by the advisor to the mayor of Mariupol, Petro Andryushchenko.

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"Inside Azovstal looks like this today. It is here that the occupiers "demine" (crossed out) saw off the remnants of the plant for scrap metal", - he said.

The published footage shows significant damage to the plant. Most of the buildings on the site are burnt down. Moreover, the few surviving remnants of equipment are being cut up for scrap metal by the russians.

It is worth noting that for 80 days, the defenders of Azovstal held their ground and repelled the enemy.

Exactly a month ago, photos showing the state of Azovstal were published online.