June, 23

Priogzhin claims Ukrainian counter-offensive is "in full swing": "they are flanking, and it is working for them"

05/11/2023 04:25:28 pm
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The owner of the russian criminal PMC Wagner, Yevgeny Priogzhin, announced that the Ukrainian counter-offensive, which has been awaited for the past month, is "in full swing", and if the Ukrainian army breaks through the Bakhmut direction, they will go into russian territory. This was reported by BBC News Russian Service on May 11.

"The Ukrainian Armed Forces units are flanking, and in some places, it is working successfully for them", - said Priogzhin. "They first need to deal with the Artemivsk direction and the Wagner PMC, to finish this story, and then with all their fighting spirit go to Zaporizhzhia, Bryansk and Belgorod oblasts".

"It is unclear on what basis he is making such conclusions", - emphasizes the BBC report. "The Ukrainian authorities have repeatedly emphasized that they want to regain their territories, including Crimea, but they do not intend to seize russian territories".

Additionally, Priogzhin stated that Wagner PMC "continues to carry out combat missions in terrible conditions, as the promises of the Russian Ministry of Defense were not fulfilled".

It was previously reported that the kremlin responded to Prigozhin's remarks about "a happy old man and a bastard": "If this continues, the security forces will put a stop to it".