July, 21

Rashists plan to mobilize previously reserved 500 men in occupied Horlivka – General Staff

03/15/2023 12:04:37 pm
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In Horlivka, Donetsk oblast, the occupiers plan to mobilize 500 men from among those who previously received reservations. This was stated in the report of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine dated 06:00 on March 15.

"The occupiers in Horlivka received an order to conduct another wave of mobilization in the city to replenish the units temporarily withdrawn from the combat zone due to the loss of combat capability", - the statement said. "It is planned to mobilize about 500 people from categories that previously received reservations due to limited or complete unfitness for military service".

Moreover, about 90 servicemen of the russian army, who are being treated in Horlivka hospitals, will soon be sent to Urzuf to undergo the medical commission to determine their suitability for further military service.

Earlier it was reported that the occupiers transferred the Donbas railway to a 4-day work schedule because a lot of its employees were sent to war.