May, 26

Shortage of junior medical staff in hospitals of the "DPR" reaches 30%

05/12/2016 09:23:05 pm
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Junior medical staff in hospitals of the "DPR" is completed with only two-thirds of the required quantity. This fact is recognized by the so-called "Ministry of Healthcare" of the "DPR" – reports separatist DAN agency.

"As of April 1st, 2016 the Ministry of Healthcare of the "DPR" has staff of 18463 registered junior specialists with medical education, the staff is completed by 71 percent," - stated the "Ministry".

According to the report, there is shortage of staff in the field of nursing (34%), sanology (about 48%), general medicine (38%), laboratory, medical and preventative care - 42 and 32 percent respectively. The greatest shortage of junior medical staff is observed in Donetsk, Dokuchaevsk and Telmanovo district, - recognized the "Ministry".