June, 9

Kadyrov recruits "DNR" militants for his army. This was reported by the National Resistance center on March 6.

03/06/2023 04:22:14 pm
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"Feudal currents, connected with the future division of power, continue to circle in russia", - the report said. "Gauleiter of occupied Ichkeria, Ramzan Kadyrov, began recruiting militants from the army of the so-called "DNR" into his ranks to strengthen his power".

It is emphasized that Kadyrov's influence in the temporarily occupied territories is growing, and in fact the temporarily occupied areas of the Donetsk oblast have been placed under his control. It is his militants who "ensure order" by carrying out repressions in the seized cities.

It is noted that Denis Pushilin, who formally plays the role of leader in the occupied areas of Donbas, agreed on the "training" of the "DNR" militants at the special forces university located in Chechnya.

"This further strengthens Kadyrov’s influence in the temporarily occupied territories, because now he will actually train those who will be responsible for the personal protection of the gauleiters", - the report says. "In addition, Kadyrov’s personal guard is replenished with new people, which also changes the balance of power. We note that his militants hardly participate in direct hostilities, which creates nervousness among the other powers of the kremlin, whose PMCs and other occupying forces are suffering losses and weakening".

Earlier it was reported that yet another "multinational" batch of rashist killers left Grozny for Donbas.