July, 21

All newspapers in the "DPR" are instructed to cover "strategic" topics properly: "Thank you, Russia!" and "It is worse in Ukraine"

05/12/2016 02:41:33 pm
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Newspaper published in the so-called "DPR" get "gag orders" from the top, according to which they should cover the so-called "strategic" topics. It is understood from the analytical note prepared by the fake "Ministry of Information of the DPR" and made public due to Ukrainian hackers.

"Strategic" topics primarily include materials with a high assessment of Russia's contribution to the life of the "DPR" and articles critisizing everything that is happening in Ukraine.

"Reflection of strategic topics - the Minsk process,"Thank you, Russia" and "It is worse in Ukraine" takes place in a common 4-line insertion in all the local newspapers and is centrally prepared," - said the analytical note.

"All layout sheets are reviewed before printing," – confirms the "Ministry of Information".