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3 people killed and 18 injured as a result of missile strike in Kramatorsk - State Emergency Service (PHOTO)

02/02/2023 11:00:45 am
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As a result of a rocket attack on a residential building in Kramatorsk, 3 people were killed and 18 more were injured. This was reported by the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Telegram on February 2.

"As of 07:00 on February 2, as a result of shelling, the bodies of 3 dead were released and 2 people were rescued by the State Emergency Service units. 18 people were injured (8 of them were hospitalized)", - the report says.

The State Emergency Service also reported that as a result of a missile strike, the 4th to 1st floors of a four-story residential building were destroyed within one block, followed by ignition of parked cars.

"The fire of the cars has been eliminated. A heating point of the State Emergency Service has been deployed. 183 people and 18 pieces of equipment have been involved in rescue operations, of which 60 people and 11 pieces of equipment from the State Emergency Service (including the mobile task force of the Main Directorate of the State Emergency Service)", - was noted in the State Emergency Service.

Let us recall that on the evening of February 1, russian invaders fired a rocket at a residential building located in the center of Kramatorsk and completely destroyed it.