March, 21

Occupiers close Zasyadko mine in Donetsk

01/25/2023 05:35:37 pm
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Rashists closed the mine named after Zasyadko in occupied Donetsk. This was reported by the National Resistance Center on January 25.

"The enemy began to close the mines in the temporarily occupied territories, the mine named after Alexander Zasyadko is among them", - the message says.

It is clarified that the mines were closed due to the lack of miners, possibility of updating equipment and their unprofitability. In addition to the Zasyadko mine, the Kalynivka-Skhidna mine and the Skochinsky coal mine were closed.

It is noted that the invaders "privatized" a number of mines, namely, the mines of Ilovaisk, Kholodna Balka and the mine named after Kirov - they allegedly found "investors".

"Let us note that all these "privatizations" will not have any legal force, because all these mines are seized and operated by the enemy illegally, - the message says. - Potential investors also understand this, so no one wants to buy such an asset. By "privatization" the occupiers mean the theft of mine property through dummy legal entities".

It was earlier reported that the "DNR" admitted that due to the lack of money, three key mines would be closed, including the Zasyadko and Skochinsky coal mines.