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IAEA chief in Kyiv: Nuclear incident can happen at any moment

01/20/2023 01:37:37 pm
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Constant warnings about the possibility of a nuclear accident against the background of the war in Ukraine may seem intrusive, but the threat is quite real. This was stated by IAEA Director General Rafael Mariano Grossi during a press conference in Kyiv on January 19, - the UN News website writes.

"When the incident at Fukushima happened, we put the responsibility on nature. And here, who will we blame if something happens? I keep saying that the radiological accident will have consequences. We must avoid it at all costs. I hope that my warning will be heard", - Grossi said.

It is specified that he has been in Ukraine for several days. The visit is connected with the creation of permanent IAEA missions at all Ukrainian nuclear power plants - Zaporizhzhia, Rivne, South Ukraine and Khmelnytskyi.

"The operation of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant has long been stopped, however, the agency’s mission was deployed there the day before", - the statement said.

It is emphasized that the long-term monitoring activities of the agency’s employees at the nuclear infrastructure facilities of Ukraine marks a significant expansion of the IAEA’s efforts aimed at reducing the risk of a serious nuclear accident during the ongoing armed conflict in the country.

"The situation is extremely unstable, I talk about it all the time, - Grossi said. - I am very worried about the Zaporizhzhia NPP. Even if there are no new offensives and military campaigns in the area, this station is always on the front line. For example, there were two powerful explosions today, although not at the station itself, but they caused us concern, we were all the time in touch with the IAEA staff at the Zaporizhzhia NPP".

It is emphasized that Grossi still insists on the need to create a security zone around the ZNPP, the largest nuclear power plant in Europe.

It was earlier reported that the IAEA agreed to deploy missions at all nuclear power plants in Ukraine.