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Ex-minister Stavitskyi was detained in Israel in an attempt to fly to the Russian Federation – Media

05/06/2016 09:46:32 pm
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Former Minister of Energy and Coal Industry Eduard Stavitskiy was arrested in Israel in an attempt to fly to the Russian Federation. It is reported by UNN citing its own sources.

The detention was carried out by employees of "Shabak" - the Israeli security service. It is known that the former minister Eduard Stavitskiy tried to fly to the Russian Federation as a citizen of Israel, Nathan Rosenberg.

After detention at the Israel airport, searches were conducted at E. Stavitskyi’s home during which they seized passports of E .Stavitskyi - N.Rosenberg, 400 thousand dollars, 200 thousand euros, jewelery and watches worth of 500 thousand dollars.

According to the source, Israelsecurity officials conducted a special operation in the framework of the criminal case against E.Stavitskyi-N.Rosenberg on legalization (laundering) of his funds and other property obtained in a criminal way on the territory of Ukraine. Thus, Israel's intelligence services believe misconduct on the part of E.Stavitskyi collected by law enforcement agencies of Ukraine to be sufficient evidence.

As previously reported, Chief Military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoliy Matios handed Israel Minister of Justice a GPOU request for service of a notice on suspicion of E.Stavitskyi. In its turn, the Israel side represented by Minister of Justice assured the organization of considering the petition as soon as possible.