March, 30

Border guards in Bakhmut take 2 fierce battles with russians and inflicted serious losses on them

01/03/2023 10:08:10 am
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Ukrainian border guards held two fierce battles with the invaders in the vicinity of Bakhmut on Monday, January 2. This was reported by the State Border Gurad Service on Telegram.

"Today, Ukrainian border guards near Bakhmut and in the city itself took on two very fierce battles. One lasted more than four hours, from 12:30 to 16:50, in the area of the settlement of Pidhirne", - the representatives of the State Border Guard Service reported.

During this battle, about 30 russians tried to storm the positions of our soldiers. According to preliminary information, as a result, our fighters managed to destroy seven rashists and wound nine more. Moreover, there were no losses in the ranks of our defenders.

The second battle lasted about an hour - from 16:00 to 17:00 in the area of the Bakhmut dump. In this area, the border guards, together with the Special Operations Forces fighters, destroyed two observation posts of the russians.

Aerial reconnaissance of the Special Operations Forces confirmed the destruction of five invaders; three more were injured.

Let us recall that earlier, it was reported that more than 170 invaders were turned into "cargo 200" by the AFU in the Bakhmut direction yesterday.