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Girkin, expelled from front, tells that russian army does not know how to fight and everything will be bad for occupiers

12/07/2022 10:55:05 am
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Russian saboteur and terrorist Igor Girkin, nicknamed "Strelkov" lashed out at the russian army after he was expelled from the occupation corps of the russian armed forces in Ukraine.

"I will only note that the basis of all our "growing victories" on the fronts and directions of the Special Military Operation is the deepest crisis of strategic planning. Put simply, the troops are fighting "by inertia", not having the slightest idea of the ultimate strategic goals of the current military campaign and only guessing about the vague plans of the command for such grandiosely senseless gestures as the construction of "Line of Surovikin", completely insane in its uselessness (but wildly expensive in terms of execution cost)", - he wrote.

According to him, "in most parts of the armed forces of the russian federation, soldiers and officers do not understand: to what end and for what purposes they are fighting at all. For them, a mystery is what is a condition for victory or just a condition for ending the war? And the authorities of the russian federation are not able to explain this to them".

Girkin predicts that such sentiments lead to apathy. "Apathy - to a drop in morale and the fulfillment of the tasks set "for the sake of appearance" and carelessly, without a real interest in their successful result.

"Therefore, while watching how the enemy slowly (and without encountering any opposition) implements his own strategic tasks with the complete passivity of the military and political authorities of the Russian Federation, I don’t expect anything good at the front in the coming weeks", - terrorist Girkin sums up.