September, 28

Ex-curator of russian military-industrial complex Rogozin in Donbas flaunts in NATO equipment worth more than a million rubles (PHOTO)

11/30/2022 02:07:58 pm
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Ex-curator of the russian military-industrial complex Dmitry Rogozin, who from time to time comes to the occupied Donbas, is equipped and armed according to the NATO standards. Rogozin’s clothes and ammunition, worth more than a million rubles, were valued by the journalists of "We Can Explain" at a million rubles.

So, the "head of advisers in the Special Military Operation zone" is dressed in an Austrian Carinthia jacket and a Turkish body armor from BIKATEX. According to the "Ministry of Defense", Z-military correspondents are outraged why Rogozin preferred it to the Ratnik kit, which he demanded to be put into service back in 2013.

Magazines for a German MP-5 submachine gun and magazines for an American FN SCAR-H submachine gun were found in the vest of the ex-head of Roscosmos. In the photo, Rogozin also poses with an American AR-15 assault rifle and a Glock-18-like pistol.

From the russian one, Rogozin had only a helmet from Armocom, the price of which starts from 120 thousand rubles.