December, 11

Russian Defense Ministry cynically states that no strikes were made on Kyiv on November 23. It was Ukrainian air defense that shot down their "peaceful" missiles

11/24/2022 02:48:30 pm
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The Ministry of Defense of the russian federation cynically states that the russian aggressor did not launch rocket attacks on Kyiv on November 23. This is reported in the message of the department of the country-terrorist.

"On November 23, a massive strike was inflicted on the military command and control system of Ukraine and related energy facilities, the goal of the strike was achieved. As a result of the strike, the transfer of reserves of Ukrainian troops, weapons and equipment by rail was disrupted. On November 23, the russian military did not strike at any targets within the boundaries of Kyiv", - the occupiers stated.

"All the destruction announced by Ukraine in Kyiv was the result of the fall of missiles of foreign and Ukrainian air defense systems deployed in residential areas", - the ministry assures, without specifying how targets for Ukrainian air defense appeared over a peaceful city and why as a result of a strike "on the military command and control system Ukraine and related energy facilities", a significant part of Ukraine was left without electricity, water and communications.

As previously reported, the kremlin does not hide the fact that it is destroying critical infrastructure in order to force Ukraine to accept the "peace proposals" of the aggressor country. Such statements confirm that the russian federation is resorting to terrorist methods in the war against Ukraine. Even the Criminal Code of the russian federation states that "a terrorist act is the commission of an explosion, arson or other actions that frighten the population and create a danger of death, causing significant property damage or other grave consequences, in order to destabilize the activities of government bodies or international organizations or influence their decision making".