December, 11

European Parliament recognizes russia state-sponsor of terrorism

11/23/2022 04:56:20 pm
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The European Parliament has adopted a resolution recognizing the russian federation as a state-sponsor of terrorism by a majority of votes. The corresponding vote took place in Strasbourg on November 23 during the plenary session of the European Parliament. This is reported by Ukrinform.

494 deputies supported this document, 58 - were against, and 44 more European politicians abstained.

The main provisions of the resolution on recognizing russia state-sponsor of terrorism were agreed the day before at the level of leaders of political groups in the European Parliament.

"The European Parliament strongly condemns war crimes and acts of terror against the civilian population committed by the russian federation and its henchmen in order to achieve destructive political goals in Ukraine and on the territory of other countries, and recognizes russia as a state that sponsors terrorism and as a state that uses terrorist means", - the document says.

MEPs condemned the occupation of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant by russia as an act aimed at carrying out terror against the population of Ukraine and turning the nuclear plant into a military facility.

They expressed solidarity with the people of Ukraine and other victims of russian aggression.

The document calls on the Council of the EU to include the so-called "Wagner Group" and other russian-funded militarized groups in the list of individuals, groups and institutions involved in terrorist activities and subject to appropriate EU sanctions.

The European deputies noted the need to bring to justice those states, non-state players and individuals, who support and make possible russia's armed aggression, as well as strengthen its military power.

At the same time, the deputies called on the European Commission and member states to join efforts to create a broad international "compensation mechanism", which should include the creation of an international register of damages and mechanisms for interaction with the Ukrainian authorities in these cases.

The European deputies called on the EU and member states to ban the public use of any symbols associated with russian military aggression and in one way or another justifying or supporting such criminal acts.

Separately, the European deputies noted the work of Ukrainian and international journalists who convey to the world truthful information about the russian war against Ukraine, often at the risk of their own lives. They called for an investigation into the crimes committed by russia against journalists, as well as the russian criminal disinformation campaign that has become an integral part of russia's full-scale war against Ukraine.

Let us recall that on November 21, the NATO Parliamentary Assembly recognized russia a terrorist state.