December, 12

Kremlin's statement on reasons for destruction of energy system of Ukraine completely repeats article of Criminal Code of russian federation on terrorism

11/18/2022 10:10:40 am
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The statement of kremlin Speaker Dmitry Peskov about the reasons for the destruction of Ukraine's energy infrastructure is identical to the wording of the article of the Criminal Code of the russian federation on terrorism.

As previously reported, the press secretary of the president of the aggressor country admitted that the strikes on the civilian population and vital facilities of Ukraine are inflicted in order to force Volodymyr Zelensky to negotiate with the russian federation on the terms of the kremlin.

The blackout in Ukraine for its citizens is a consequence of "the unwillingness of the Ukrainian side to solve the problem and to enter into negotiations", - Dmitry Peskov stated.

Such actions are treated as terrorism by the Criminal Code of the russian federation.

"A terrorist act is the commission of an explosion, arson or other actions that frighten the population and create a danger of human death, causing significant property damage or other grave consequences, in order to destabilize the activities of government bodies or international organizations or influence their decision-making", - Article 205 of the Criminal Code of the russian federation says.