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Shoigu orders russian troops to leave occupied Kherson

11/10/2022 10:16:43 am
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Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has ordered to begin the withdrawal of russian troops from Kherson, occupied in the first days of the invasion, after the report of commander of the joint group of forces in Ukraine, General Igor Surovikin. This was reported on November 9 by the russian media".

"I agree. Proceed with the withdrawal of troops", - Shoigu said.

Reportedly, before making a decision on the withdrawal of troops, Shoigu listened to Surovikin's report, according to which "Kherson and adjacent settlements cannot be fully supplied and function in the current conditions".

The most expedient option is to organize defense along the barrier line of the Dnipro", - Surovikin reported.

According to him, "all willing residents - more than 115 thousand people, left the Kherson area".

After Surovikin's report, Shoigu ordered the withdrawal of troops across the Dnipro River.

"The life and health of Russian servicemen are always a priority", - Sergei Shoigu stated.

"Russian troops will occupy defensive lines and positions prepared in engineering terms on the left bank of the Dnipro", - General Surovikin added to Shoigu's words.