December, 11

U.S. Ambassador to the UN: We will be helping Ukraine until it wins

11/09/2022 10:44:32 am
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U.S. Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield, who paid an unannounced one-day visit to Kyiv on November 8, stated that the U.S. support for Kyiv is unwavering and will continue until Ukraine wins this war. This is reported by BBC.

"We've been united from the first day and we haven't seen any cracks in that unity, - Thomas-Greenfield told CNN during her trip to the Ukrainian capital. - Europe is united. NATO is united. Both parties in the USA support Ukraine".

"Our support is unwavering and we will be united until Ukraine wins this war and Russia withdraws its troops from Ukraine", - she told the CNN TV channel.

Asked whether Washington had indeed urged the Ukrainian authorities to show willingness to negotiate with russia, the U.S. ambassador to the UN said the USA position was clear: "No negotiations without Ukraine at the helm. No negotiations about Ukraine without Ukraine".

"Any negotiations must be with Ukraine at the helm. They (the Ukrainian authorities) must determine when they are ready for these negotiations - with the support of the international community and in accordance with the (UN) charter that Russia has violated".

As Ukrainian grain exports continue to struggle and remain a major problem, Linda Thomas-Greenfield also visited a flour mill production unnamed for security reasons.

"We heard that Ukraine is the breadbasket of the world. And here I see Ukraine as the breadbasket of the world, I see how wheat is delivered, processed and turned into flour, I hear directly from farmers that they need this grain deal, which the Secretary General is negotiating so active", - she said.

"It shows how important this grain is, but also how this unjust war unleashed by Russia is affecting global markets", - Linda Thomas-Greenfield stated.

As reported, the Pentagon confirmed the transfer of two NASAMS air defense systems to Ukraine.