February, 5

"DNR" admits that it releases prisoners from colonies, arms and trains them for war against Ukraine

11/02/2022 01:39:18 pm
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The "DNR" releases prisoners from the colonies, arms and trains them for the war against Ukraine. This fact was recognized in the so-called "DNR MIA".

"People who previously had problems with the law expressed a desire to atone for their guilt before society and take part in the liberation of their native land", - the agency report in a statement.

"Volunteers from among the convicted residents of the DNR" were given weapons, they are being trained in military affairs at the training ground.

It is noted that this is not the first group of criminals who are being trained for the war against Ukraine.

The first group of about 100 convicts had already "taken an oath of allegiance to the Fatherland" in October.

"I went to prison and wrote a statement that I want to fight"; "Instead of sitting, they decided to serve", - the convicts explain their desire to go to war.