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USA, France and Britain declare "steady support" for Ukraine in response to Shoigu’s tales

10/24/2022 11:10:02 am
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The governments of the USA, France and Great Britain have declared their intention to continue unwavering support for Ukraine and have rejected any pretexts for the escalation of hostilities from russia. This is reported by Voice of America.

It is noted that the US State Department issued a joint statement by the governments of the USA, France and Great Britain regarding the development of the situation in Ukraine, reflecting russian military aggression.

"We, the Foreign Ministers of France, the United Kingdom and the USA, reiterate our unwavering support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine in the face of continued Russian aggression. We remain determined to continue to support Ukraine's efforts to defend its territory for as long as it takes.

Today, the defense ministers of each of our countries spoke with Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu at his request. Our countries have made it clear that we all reject Russia's blatantly false claims that Ukraine is preparing to use a "dirty nuclear bomb" on its own soil. The world will recognize any attempt to use this statement as a pretext for escalation. We also reject any pretext for escalation from Russia", - the US State Department said in a statement released Sunday evening.

The foreign ministers also discussed their determination to continue supporting Ukraine and the Ukrainian people in the area of ​​security, as well as continue providing economic and humanitarian assistance to the country in the face of putin's brutal war of aggression against Ukraine.

Earlier on Sunday, Russian Defense Minister Shoigu spoke in a telephone conversation with the defense ministers of the USA, Britain, France and Turkey about the deteriorating situation in Ukraine and expressed fears that Ukraine could use a "dirty nuclear bomb".

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky stated that Shoigu’s stories about the "dirty bomb" should not go unnoticed and the world community should "react to them as harshly as possible".