June, 9

Amnesty International proposes to AFU not to shoot mobilized people who "forced" to become occupiers

10/10/2022 09:49:03 am
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Secretary General of the Amnesty International international human rights organization Agnès Callamard has called on Ukraine and Ukrainian soldiers not to shoot at the newly mobilized and untrained russian military. Founder of the Union of Consumers of Utility Services Oleh Popenko writes this on his Telegram.

According to Ms. Callamard, "it would be very unfair to kill untrained combatants".

"These people are hostages, not aggressors. "The Ukrainian side must refrain from killing such forced "soldiers", - she tweeted.

After a flurry of criticism, AI Secretary General deleted her post.

As previously reported, according to the plans of the kremlin, the so-called partial mobilization of russian citizens should strengthen the occupation corps of the russian Armed Forces in Ukraine and continue to seize and destroy Ukraine.