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Savik Shusteк’s work permit in Ukraine has been cancelled

04/26/2016 02:23:21 pm
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Journalist Savik Shuster, who has Canadian citizenship, has had permit to work in Ukraine cancelled. Savik Shuster’s channel partner Pavel Yelizarov informed about that, - reports Ukrainska Pravda.

"Two weeks ago we got an extension of work permits for Savik. Yesterday there was a lot of information that the permit had been canceled. We thought it was false information. But this morning our lawyers contacted the center for employment and they verbally confirmed the information," - he said.

"They invited us to meet in the employment center on Zhylianskaya at 14:30, where they will explain why they canceled the work permit .They also said that on Monday they had sent a notice, but we have not seenit," - said Yelizarov.