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Danilov: After de-occupation, residents of CADLO will need to find common language with Ukraine, and not vice versa

09/02/2022 12:05:42 pm
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After the liberation of the temporarily occupied districts of the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts, their residents will need to find a common language with Ukraine, its laws and regulations. This was stated by NSDC Secretary Oleksiy Danilov in an interview with Natalia Moseychuk on September 1.

"This is a fundamental thing", - Danilov said. - It is they who need to find a common language with us, not us with them".

He stressed that no one is forcibly detained in Ukraine.

"We have borders, and if someone is not satisfied with the laws and rules that are in force on the territory of our country, we do not hold anyone. They can go to the United States, to Germany, anywhere. To Yakutia, or to Vorkuta. Where else are people waiting for them? "

It was earlier reported that Danilov stated that russia should get rid of the colonies captured in the 19th and 20th centuries.