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Russians shell center of Kharkiv - four dead

08/30/2022 03:47:23 pm
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Russian invaders fired at the central districts of Kharkiv. It is known about 4 dead and 4 wounded people. This was announced by head of the oblast military administration Oleh Synyehubov in the Telegram on August 30.

"As a result of shelling of the central part of Kharkiv, at least 4 people were killed, 4 more were injured. The information is being specified", - he writes.

It is also known that there is still destruction. The information is being specified.

Later it became known that the number of wounded was already 9 people.

"All emergency services are working on the spot, assistance is being provided to the victims. The information is being specified", - the head of the oblast writes.

"More shelling is possible. Stay in shelters", - Synyehubov warns.