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Russia shells 58 settlements on Independence Day of Ukraine

08/25/2022 01:28:16 pm
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58 settlements of Ukraine were subjected to the enemy shelling on the Independence Day. This was reported by the press service of the MIA with reference to the statement of First Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Yevhen Yenin.

"The russians spoiled yesterday's Independence Day with manic cruelty. First of all, the number of shelling of settlements increased. Over the past day, the police recorded shelling of 58 settlements - this is much higher shelling than we usually record", - Yenin stated.

He added that on August 24, the russian army also launched a missile attack on the Chaplyne railway station in the Dnipropetrovsk region, which killed more than 20 people and injured dozens.

In addition, according to the official, a wave of fake mine-layings swept across Ukraine over the past day.

"Telephone terrorists "mined" the railway stations in Vinnytsia, Rivne and Khmelnytskyi. Anonymous reports were received about the mining of objects in Lviv, Mukacheve and Dnipro.

In total, the police units received 17 such messages, which referred to the mining of 118 objects. The total number of evacuated people amounted to almost 3800 people", - the first deputy head of the MIA noted.

Yenin also reported that on August 24, sappers continued to clear the territory of explosive objects in all de-occupied areas.

In particular, they advanced on another 32 hectares in the Kyiv oblast.

As previously reported, the AFU destroyed 3 helicopters and 150 invaders on the Independence Day.