June, 21

AFU deliver 4 blows to rashists in south and thwarts plans to repair Kakhovka Bridge

08/19/2022 10:58:20 am
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Ukrainian aviation inflicted 4 strikes on the accumulation of the enemy manpower, weapons and equipment in the south of the country. This is said in the report of the South Operational Command on Facebook.

"Our rocket and artillery units have completed more than 200 fire missions, including the destruction of the enemy plans to repair and continue to use the Kakhovka Bridge", - the report says.

The confirmed losses of the enemy are 73 rashists, 3 tanks, 4 launchers and 1 radar station for the S-300 air defense system, 5 units of armored and automotive vehicles and 1 more ammunition depot.

The final losses of the enemy are being reconnoitered.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky stated earlier that russian invaders are spending a lot of resources to seize at least one kilometer of new territory in the Donbas.