July, 13

SSU told who of the former militants of the "DPR" / LPR" may return to the territory controlled by Ukraine

04/21/2016 09:35:36 pm
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Former members of illegal armed groups in occupied Donbas who have not committed serious crimes can return to civilian life within the framework of the Security Service programme "You are waited for at home". It was stated by Chief of Staff of the head of the Ukrainian Security Service Alexander Tkachuk at the briefing in Kiev, - reports the correspondent of OstroV.

"We are talking about activities related to the participation in illegal armed groups. But if a person has committed some other crimes, these issues are dealt with separately, that is, we can not guarantee, for example, former murderers return to peaceful life, just to avoid responsibility. It is not an amnesty or free pardon. We use only those mechanisms that are inherent in our Criminal Code, the decision on each particular person will be made only by the court," - said A.Tkachuk.

According to him, you should not rely on an amnesty for all militants.

"A comprehensive amnesty is a point on which the Russian side and the so-called "DPR/LPR" insist. It is a chance for them to avoid responsibility because their hands are covered with blood of many people. According to our estimations, quite a large number of representatives of illegal armed groups won’t have such problems with Ukrainian law and will not be afraid that the leaders of "D / LC", which will remain alone with Ukrainian law and will have to be held accountable for their crimes to both the Ukrainian legislation and international courts," - he said.

As reported by the OstroV, more than 60 former militants of illegal armed groups in Donbass returned to territory controlled by Ukraine in the framework of the Security Service programme "You are waited for at home".