September, 28

Akhmetov's statement says nothing about transferring media assets to state - Yemchenko

07/12/2022 11:19:54 am
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Director of public relations and communications at the SCM Corporation Natalya Yemchenko said that SCM owner Rinat Akhmetov's statement about leaving the media business did not mention the transfer of any assets to the state, and only broadcasting licenses would be transferred. Yemchenko reportedthis on her Facebook on July 11.

"I want to record it right now. 1. We are returning only the state-owned to the state – that is, licenses (which it issued to us) for broadcasting. That's all. This is exactly what Rinat Akhmetov said in a statement. And this is exactly what will be done. 2. We transfer to the state no other assets of the media group (except for these licenses) – neither brands, nor libraries. There is not a word about the transfer of assets and in Akhmetov's statement, not a single one. 3. We do not know how the state will further dispose of these licenses. Perhaps it will decide to issue them to somebody, perhaps, it won't", - Natalya Yemchenko stated.

According to her, the SCM Corporation will provide a full release with certain details about exiting the media business on July 12.

As previously reported, on July 11, Rinat Akhmetov made a "forced decision" to exit the SCM investment company from the media business in favor of the state.