August, 16

After visit of curator from russian federation, self-proclaimed "mayor" of Melitopol announces start of preparations for "referendum"

06/08/2022 01:08:04 pm
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Puppet authorities of occupied Melitopol began to prepare for a "referendum" on joining the russian federation. Galina Danilchenko, who calls herself the "head of the civil-military administration" of the city, reported this, - the "official" channel of the Melitopol civil-military administration writes.

This statement was made by the traitor to the Motherland after the "working visit" to occupied Melitopol of first deputy head of the russian presidential administration Sergey Kiriyenko.

The Kremlin curator praised the collaborator for allegedly building a "peaceful life" in the face of russian aggression.

Danilchenko assured Kiriyenko that she would continue to follow all the instructions of the leadership of the russian federation.

"We know that our future is united with russia, the russian federation is here forever. We are starting to prepare for the referendum", - she stated.