July, 21

Traitors in Kherson oblast state kind of "public council" that will hold "referendum" and "election"

06/07/2022 01:03:37 pm
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Accomplices of the invaders in the Kherson oblast have stated the "formation" of a certain "public council" that will hold a "referendum" on "joining the russian federation". This was stated by Kirill Stremousov, who calls himself "deputy head of the civil-military administration of the region", - russian media write.

The traitor to the Motherland assures that "Kherson was left without legislative power, therefore, a public council was created in the region, which includes representatives of the people".

According to him, unrecognized mythical "representatives of the people" will make intermediate decisions regarding the self-determination of the Kherson oblast.

"I think that this will most likely be a referendum, which will be held on the territory of the Kherson oblast", - Stremousov noted.

The collaborator assures that the "election that will be held directly on the territory of the liberated Kherson oblast" will be the next stage".

He did not name the dates for the fake "referendum" and "election".