August, 16

In "DNR", head of one of Pryazovia settlements sentenced to 10 years in prison. There are executions

06/02/2022 05:19:23 pm
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In the "DNR" quasi-formation, the so-called "court" sentenced the head of one of the Pryazovia settlements to a 10-year prison term. Also, one Ukrainian civil servant was shot. This was announced by mayor of Mariupol Vadym Boychenko, - the press service of the City Council writes in Telegram.

"The occupiers arrest and shoot Ukrainian volunteers and officials down in the Mariupol district. All of them refused to cooperate with collaborators and the occupation authorities", - Boychenko is quoted as saying.

According to him, the fake court of the "DNR" sentenced the head of one of the Pryazovia settlements to 10 years in prison.

"At least one civil servant was executed by shooting. Also, several dozen volunteers are being kept in the prison in Olenivka, who helped with the evacuation of the Mariupol residents and tried to deliver food with water to the blocked city. The judge is also awaiting the verdict of the fake republic. There are reports of the use of torture against her", - the mayor of Mariupol said in a statement.