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Operation "deportation". Occupiers state that almost 3 million Ukrainians ask to "evacuate" them to russian federation

04/27/2022 11:16:36 am
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The russian authorities are going to deport almost 3 million Ukrainians to the territory of the russian federation. This follows from the message of head of the National Defense Control Center Mikhail Mizintsev.

According to russian media, he told that on Tuesday, "more than ten thousand people were evacuated from dangerous regions of Ukraine to russia or to territories controlled by russian troops".

"10 715 people have been evacuated from the dangerous regions of Ukraine and the "Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics" to the territory of the russian federation, of which 1 723 are children, and since the beginning of the special military operation – already 985 949 people have been evacuated, of which 178 814 are children", - Mizintsev reported on the number of deported Ukrainians.

It can be concluded from his words that almost 3 million people are planned for forced "evacuation". "In total, there are 2 753 477 such appeals in the database (supposedly, with a request for deportation – OstroV) from 2 131 settlements of Ukraine", - the representative of the russian Defense Ministry stated.

As previously reported, after russia's treacherous invasion of Ukraine and the occupation of part of its territory, the kremlin began, in fact, to pursue a policy of deportation of Ukrainian citizens. Under the guise of "evacuation", they are forcibly transported to the territory of russia and resettled in depressed regions of the russian federation.